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The Spanish Network
of Stress Research

Cooperative and multidisciplinary research structure funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation

Our team


The network aims to promote collaboration and achieve synergies, enhancing the possibilities of joint funding at national and European levels.

The establishment of a conceptual framework for stress studies


The establishment of research synergies on stress and its relationship with the nervous and endocrine systems


Construction of cohorts of populations vulnerable to stress and their follow-up

Scientific counseling

Both at the academic and clinical or business levels


Individual differences in response to stress and the study of resilience

Sexual and gender differences

Promotion of the study of stress in both sexes, particularly preclinical and clinical research on the effects of stress on women


Promotion of dissemination activities to society regarding research on various aspects of stress and its associated pathologies

Citizen Science

Promotion of citizen science actions, such as the mass distribution of psychometric instruments for measuring stress to the population

What is stress?


Stress is the physiological process that is triggered when a situation or event is perceived as threatening or overwhelming to an individual’s resources. Traumatic events or prolonged stress are predisposing factors to various diseases.

Stress is the primary non-genetic factor that increases vulnerability to psychopathology, and therefore, the development of evidence-based strategies is necessary to understand its negative effects.

Stress affects not only adult individuals but also pregnant mothers, children, and adolescents, especially in situations of poverty and adverse experiences such as abuse or harassment